Halo Infinite Helmet Cast
  • Halo Infinite Helmet Cast

    Prices are in AUD


    This is a raw polyurethane resin cast kit. This is a fan made replica and this product is not affiliated with Microsoft or 343i. 

    The helmet is a hollow cast made out of a durable plastic resin that will require cleanup of mold seams and pour spouts. Minor filling/sanding of parts will be needed before being assembled and painted. It can fit a 23" head, larger heads can fit but some modifications to the back may be needed. The visor will need to be cut out and install a visor of your choice.




    Included is a neck detail that is made out of a rubber so If you want the extra room for a larger head, it will be optional. There are 6 led caps (2 extra) that are in a clear resin for the people wanting to install their own electronics. 

    My visors seen in the finished product pictures are currently unavailable but you can purchase an infinite visor from BranfuhrStudios